Lit for life

My ampersand tattoo

This coming Sunday (Feb 3rd) marks the first anniversary of my one and only tattoo. Who cares about valentines when I can wine and dine with my ink? It got me pondering; I know there’s a LOT of literary tattoos out there, but how many people in the literary/publishing industry have such tattoos? No longer just for inmates and sailors, tattoos are less edgy and can be found on an increasing percentage of the population. Does this make tattoos more acceptable in the publishing workplace?

The next generation of prospective publishing employees (i.e. my generation) are proudly bringing fresh ideas and expertise as well as an abundance of tattoos. I mostly see this as a celebration of literary passion that should be welcomed. I may be biased with my own ampersand tattoo that can be on displayed and hidden as I desire but surely literature has to be one of the better reasons to permanently scar your body if you’re going to do so. (Stop it with the moustache finger tattoos. Just stop it.)

Googling “publishing tattoos” comes up with confused results compared to “literary tattoos”. I won’t be creating yet another blog dedicated to the literary tattoo, there’s enough of them to be going around. What I am going to do is post some of the more image influenced tattoos that step away from permanent text. Quotation tattoos are everywhere and often, unfortunately, do not compliment the natural curves of the body so they look blocky and out of place. And if I see another “so it goes” tattoo…

So without further ado here’s some of the more interesting image-based literary tattoos I could find that work as aesthetic tattoos in their own right with a special meaning for those who are in on the real origins. Some are, naturally, questionable, but hey, aren’t all tattoos? This isn’t the place to judge quality/location/the sanity of the owner. Lets focus on the literary love, shall we?

(If you’re a publisher/professional with a literary themed tattoo, do share!)

Catcher in the Rye
Catcher in the Rye
Alice in Wonderland - could you handle these eyes staring at you every day?
Alice in Wonderland – could you handle these eyes staring at you every day?
A little but of Harry Potter of course
A little bit of Harry Potter of course
Frog & Toad
A personal fave - The Monster at the End of This Book! :o
A personal fave – The Monster at the End of This Book! :o
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes


    • There are so many HP and Alice tatts out there, I could easily make a blog or two of those subjects alone! Funny how children’s/YA books inspire the most popular tattoos.

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