The F Word: Freelancing, the dirty word


It’s possibly hard to believe but this has been a bit of a dirty word in some of the Scottish literary and graduate circles I’ve danced in, around, and out of. I’ve heard preconceptions along the lines of ‘oh, she/he’s just a freelancer’ or ‘X isn’t working out so I’m having to go freelance’. Freelancing was perceived as a lower form of employment or a last case scenario. It’s not reliable. It’s risky. It’s unprofessional. To become a freelancer was apparently synonymous with a kind of professional failure.

Thankfully, in my own (granted, brief) experience, I’ve found this to be rubbish. Continue reading


What’s Publishthings up to?

After my August post saying I’d try to get some posts up I monumentally failed to add anything else. What a fickle one I am. I’ve been ‘busy’ (aka distracted, scattered, worried, having fun, having bad days and all in between) which comes with turning 25 (quarter life crisis anyone?), looking for a new publishing job and starting up my own freelance services. 


I am doing things. Things that actually fit into the old Publishthings blog!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.43.23Remember when I used to do This Week in Numbers posts? (I think that’s what they were called? My memory, oh dear…) Well I was asked by the Society of Young Publishers Scotland committee to write weekly publishing news round ups for their blog in a similar manner to my old posts. And that I am. Check out the Weekly Round Up category on the SYP Scotland blog for weekly news round ups, posted every Monday lunch time.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.53.09For the last couple of weeks I have also been reading the Saltire Society Fiction Book of the Year 2015 shortlist for this year’s shadow panel. Again, remember when I was the sole reader/reviewer of the 2013 First Book Award category? (I reviewed the shortlist and summed up the awards here.) This year the society, in collaboration with SYP Scotland, has expanded the shadowing so each category has its own shadowing panel. In the past 3 weeks or so I’m reading about 2000 pages. That’s quite the feat for someone in a reading slump. I’ve read 2/5 books with 8 days to go. I’m not thinking about how many hundreds of pages I have to go. But I will have them done in time for our shadow panel meeting! I will I will I will…

I hope to throw up some brief reviews of the books in coming weeks. Teaser: The Book of Strange New Things = AMAZING. The Illuminations = meh. More to come…

Lastly, and very much most importantly…

fj-logo-textIn exasperation of the publishing job search struggle I decided to finally take matters into my own hands and set up a freelance publishing service called FloJo Services. (My full name is Laura Florence Jones, hence the name. Clever, huh? Don’t answer that.)

I’m offering full novel typesetting, ebook creation, promotional advice, website set up and more for authors & publishers as well as writing and artwork services that, despite not falling exactly into the publishing category, I still enjoy doing and want to offer.


So that’s me. I make no promises to keep Publishthings regularly updated but I thought I’d point any remaining previous readers in the right direction(s). I hope you’ll come find me.


It’s oh so quiet…

What a sad and neglected blog this has become. :( Alas, this is what happens when life gets in the way and life has been very lifey in the past few months. BUT I hope to get some more on the go here as soon as possible.

I hope.


I will try.

Don’t forget about me!

– Laura


The Last Treasure Hunt #treasurehunt

Here’s clue 10 of the online #treasurehunt for Jane Alexander’s The Last Treasure Hunt

English ladies abroad came here
For afternoon tea and culture

Banned by ‘The Duke’ from their favourite spot?
This must be war…

Hint: #Florence (just like my middle name!)

How the hunt works:

• Each clue refers to a landmark or iconic location in a film. The landmark/location is the answer – when you figure it out, make a note of it!
• (If you need a hand, check out the #treasurehunt hashtag on Twitter or Instagram for a hint to the landmark’s location…)
• Clues will be revealed by some fantastic book bloggers from March 26th until April 21st. Keep checking back on Jane Alexander’s dedicated treasure hunt page ( or on the #treasurehunt hashtag for links and new clues.
• When all the clues are revealed, the first letter of every answer will make an anagram. Solve the anagram and you have your final answer!
• Email this answer and all the landmarks you figured out to by April 30th to be entered into the prize draw. Two entrants will win a signed copy of The Last Treasure Hunt – and if you’ve guessed the most landmarks and locations, you’ll win a goodie bag and something special from Jane personally! On top of that you’ll get bragging rights on Twitter and we’ll publicly dub you queen/king sleuth.
• Good luck!


At the age of thirty, Campbell Johnstone is a failure. He’s stuck behind the bar of a shabby pub, watching from the sidelines while everyone else makes a success of their lives. The most visible is Eve Sadler, a childhood friend and rising Hollywood star. When Campbell tries to rekindle their relationship, he longs for the glitter of her success to rub off on him but a single shocking night changes everything, in ways he could never have predicted. When the dust settles, Cam’s life is transformed. The recognition he’d given up on is within reach but at what cost?

The Last Treasure Hunt explores our obsession with fame and celebrity with great intelligence and sly wit it’s a modern media morality tale with bite.

last days of disco_jacket

The Last Days of Disco – David F. Ross (Review)

last days of disco_jacket

I have a feeling I may be approaching this particular title from a slightly different perspective to many of its readers. Set in the ’80s with a thoroughly ’80s soundtrack The Last Days of Disco is a jaunt down musical memory lane for many who loved and loathed the era; discos, Thatcher and all. Being born in 1990 myself I don’t have the first hand experience to appreciate the references quite as much as others will but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the book in the slightest. Continue reading