The Quince Tree Press – bitesized literary treats

Merry Christmas/happy holidays/new year/blah blah jovial wishes etc. Hope y’all had a good one. Just dropping by to share a lovely literary discovery I made through a gift from mother dearest. The Quince Tree Press.

The Quince Tree Press are a small press of pocket books, dictionaries and novels by JL Carr. The pocket books are all out of copyright, 16-page tiny treats of bite-sized wonders. Continue reading

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Guest post: Stevie Marsden on the Man Booker Prize

This is a guest post from Stevie Marsden (@StevieLMarsden), who is currently studying for a PhD in Literary Awards and Prize Culture at the University of Stirling’s Centre for International Publishing and Communication and is a literary awards researcher at the Saltire Society.


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I had intended to write a blog about this year’s Man Booker Prize for Fiction on the announcement of the shortlist in September, but one thing led to another and the blog was never written.

But, with the announcement of this year’s winner, and a fresh article from The Guardian in which Colin Dickey bemoans the staleness and predictability of the award, my inspiration regarding the troubling aspects of this year’s Man Booker Prize was reignited. Continue reading

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The Lemon Grove – ‘SEXY’, ‘SHOCKING’, ‘SULTRY’? …nope.

The Lemon Grove is about as sexy as my left pinky toe. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfectly fine pinky toe but it doesn’t really have that alluring factor. (my other pinky toe however…)

As a victim of the over-hyped, over-endorsed book, I found myself disappointed and left a little flat after closing The Lemon Grove following a speedy one-sitting reading. The promises made by the THIRTY-ONE reviews within the book (yep, I counted, and technically it’s fewer as Stylist is quoted twice on the cover and once on the first page but the point remains) effectively guaranteed this book to be sexy, shocking, and sultry. These were the three most repeated words throughout reviews. Continue reading